Registration Pathways

Being registered with the CMLTA is a legal requirement for any individual to be employed and practice as a medical laboratory technologist (MLT) in Alberta. Only these regulated members may use the protected titles “medical laboratory technologist” or “MLT”. It is unlawful for an individual to practice as an MLT or to expressly or implicitly present themselves as an MLT without CMLTA registration.

There are five pathways through which someone may apply to become registered with the CMLTA. These pathways are defined by the stage of the applicant’s career and whether or not they have certification from the Canadian Society of Medical Laboratory Sciences (CSMLS).

  1. Initial Registration
    • New Graduate 
      • applicant graduated up to one year prior to application and possesses CSMLS certification or a CSMLS Confirmation of Examination Registration email
    • Recent Graduate 
      • applicant graduated two to four years prior to application and possesses CSMLS certification
    • Regular MLT
      • applicant graduated more than four years prior to application and possesses CSMLS certification
  1. Reinstatement Registration
    • applicant was previously registered with the CMLTA
  1. Internationally Educated MLT - initial registration
    • applicant graduated outside of Canada and possesses CSMLS certification or a CSMLS Confirmation of Examination Registration email

Upon application to the CMLTA, an applicant will be notified as soon as reasonably possible, if:

  • their application is complete, or
  • their application is not complete including reasons why the application is not complete.

Complete applications are usually processed within 10 business days.

Approved Applications

The CMLTA registration year is aligned with the calendar year. If an applicant requires registration part way through the year, that registration is only for those months remaining in the calendar year. They will be required to renew their registration for the next year in the fall. When applying for initial registration for the new year, please submit an application and supporting documentation in mid-December. Please contact the CMLTA for more information.

Successful applicants are issued a registration and an MLT practice permit on the appropriate register as provided for in the Medical Laboratory Technologists Profession Regulation. The register category(ies), including General, Diagnostic Cytology, Clinical Genetics, Provisional, and Courtesy, on which an MLT is registered, is determined based on the educational program completed by the applicant and the corresponding CSMLS certification examination that was successfully challenged.

Application documentation is retained by the CMLTA according to the CMLTA record retention policy. At any time, an applicant may request a copy of a document that has been provided to the CMLTA. If the applicant would like any original documents provided to the CMLTA returned to them, please contact the CMLTA.

Review of Registration Decisions

As per the Health Professions Act, an applicant may request a review of a registration decision. This request must:

  • be in writing
  • include reasons as to why the application should be approved with or without conditions
  • be within 30 days of the applicant’s receipt of the registration decision
  • be provided to Council (appellate body) by the Registrar, within 30 days of receipt.

Please contact the CMLTA for more information.

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The College of Medical Laboratory Technologists of Alberta (CMLTA) is the regulatory body for Medical Laboratory Technologists (MLTs) employed in Alberta.

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