Professional Liability Insurance

Effective January 1, 2024, it is a requirement for MLTs in Alberta to have PLI for $5,000,000.

The HPA outlines that the CMLTA is now required to have a bylaw that sets the type and amount of liability insurance required for the profession. Professional Liability Insurance (PLI) protects the public by providing them with financial compensation if damages are caused by your professional actions. PLI also protects you as a professional in these instances as your insurance will cover the cost of those damages. Most health professionals in Canada are required to carry PLI.

Why is $5,000,000 in PLI required?

The decision to set the PLI requirement at $5,000,000 was based on research and consultation with insurance providers. The research informed us that $2,000,000 is no longer sufficient to cover the cost of claims, which is why the coverage requirement was set at $5,000,000.

Where can I get my PLI?

There are currently three options for PLI:

  1. Your Employer: Both DynaLIFE and APL have confirmed that their insurance coverage satisfies the bylaw requirements. Check with your employer to see if you are covered by their policy.
  2. CSMLS: While CSMLS’s basic package provides $2,000,000 in coverage, they have an additional option to upgrade to $5,000,000 in coverage for an additional $14 per year. Please note that CSMLS exclusively offers PLI to its members, so obtaining this insurance will require becoming a CSMLS member, which currently costs $172, in addition to the insurance premium of $27.
  3. Private Insurance Provider: Contact a private insurance provider who may be able to offer you coverage. The costs for PLI through private insurance providers will vary.

Are there any benefits to carrying my own PLI even though I am covered by my employer?

Yes, your employer’s insurance will likely not cover the cost to defend you if a complaint of unprofessional conduct is made against you. One benefit to getting your own PLI is that most plans will cover legal costs to defend you against a complaint of unprofessional conduct made to the college.

It is also important to note that there are some exemptions from this coverage for most PLI providers such as criminal activity or complaints of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct. Make sure you check with your insurance provider and understand your policy!

Do I need my PLI prior to renewal this year?

No, you will not need PLI until January 1, 2024. At renewal you will be asked to declare that you will have the PLI insurance requirements by that date.

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