Mandatory Reporting

Under the Health Professions Act (HPA), there are many situations in which a regulated healthcare professional, such as an MLT, or an employer is bound to report the actual or perceived unprofessional conduct of the healthcare professional to their respective College. This is referred to as mandatory reporting. All concerns received by the College under this clause will be treated as a complaint by the Complaints Director.

For an employer, reporting is mandatory if they:

  • suspend or terminate the employment of an MLT, or the MLT resigns, for a reason that the employer feels is unprofessional conduct
  • suspect that an MLT has committed sexual abuse or sexual misconduct regardless of any employment implications

It is important to note that employment includes providing professional services as a paid or unpaid employee, consultant, contractor, or volunteer.

For the MLT, mandatory reporting is required if they:

  • in the course of their professional services, gain reasonable grounds to believe that another regulated member, in any College, has committed sexual abuse or sexual misconduct towards a patient
  • themselves have had a decision of unprofessional conduct made against them in any other College, they must report that to any other College with which they are currently registered or applying for registration
  • themselves have been found to have committed professional negligence
  • themselves have been charged or convicted of any offence under the Criminal Code (Canada)

A complaint may arise that alleges unprofessional conduct on the part of the MLT. The HPA defines “unprofessional conduct” as one or more of the following, whether or not it is disgraceful or dishonourable:

  • Displaying a lack of knowledge of or lack of skill or judgment in the provision of professional services
  • Contravention of this Act, a Code of Ethics or Standards of Practice
  • Contravention of another enactment that applies to the profession
  • Representing or holding out that a person was a regulated member and in good standing, while the person’s registration or practice permit was suspended or cancelled
  • Representing or holding out that person’s registration or practice permit is not subject to conditions when it is or misrepresenting the conditions
  • Failure or refusal to comply with the requirements of the continuing competence program, or to co‑operate with a competence committee or a person appointed to undertake a practice visit
  • Failure or refusal to comply with an agreement that is part of a ratified settlement, to comply with a request of or co‑operate with an investigator, to undergo an examination for an incapacity assessment for physical or mental health, or to comply with a notice to attend or a notice to produce
  • Contravening an order or conditions imposed on a practice permit or a direction
  • Carrying on the practice of the regulated profession with a person who is contravening partnership restrictions, or an order, or conditions imposed on a practice permit
  • Conduct that harms the integrity of the regulated profession

All complaint processes are managed in a fair and equitable way in compliance with the governing laws.  A thorough investigation will be conducted to determine if the allegations regarding the MLT are founded and require further action or process.

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